Pre-Fabricated mobile apps with your corporate branding

Impress your customers, fans, competitors, investors, clients or prospects with a branded mobile app


Professional commercial quality software customized with your corporate branding.

GizmoPlay has developed a catalog of high-quality mobile software applications. These applications, when customized and with your brand identity, provide widespread reach and help create a lasting and postive bond between your users/customers/prospects/fans and your company.
The GizmoPlay applications catalog includes a ringtone maker, a mobile radio, promotional band app, iPhone voice recorder, live wallpaper app, mobile shoppping cart, iPad catalog and many more. There many are apps to choose from as a starting point for your next promotional campaign, to start capturing leads/subsciber data, to market and sell your products on mobile or to just simply give as a "thank you" gift to your valued customers. All our applications come with basic branding (app name, splash screen, your logo, custom icons, contact info, etc.) but each can also be fully customized to suit your campaign needs.

Capture leads and monitor user activity with state-of-the-art analytics

GizmoDash® tracking & analytics dashboard accompanies each application in our catalog and provides you valuable insight into the progress and success of your promotional app - data that is simply not attainable with traditional promotional products. The applciation is able to collect demographic and usage data and display that information in real-time in your GizmoDash®. When a new user downloads and installs the app on their mobile device, it is able to capture user information, email, phone number, age, gender or any other data you want to collect prior to enabling the user access to the free app. These leads are stored in the GizmoDash along with all the application's other statistical data and can easily be exported to CSV for use in your next email or print marketing campaign.


Get all the benefits of having a mobile app without the expense.

Step 1: Select An App


To get started, browse the GizmoPlay catalog to choose an application. The catalog prices include the basic branding and customization and all the apps come with GizmoDash®. Check out the features and screenshots of each app. Many also have demo videos which you can view to see the app first-hand without having to download it to a device.

Once you've purchased an app, you will receive an email from our dev team with a request for your branding information. This will include a logo, company name, what you want to call the application and your color preference. The application branding process is done manually by our team of (American) developers and usually takes 3-5 days depending on our current workload.

Step 2: Branding & Customization

Basic application branding includes the following:

  • Application Splash Screen
  • Lead Capture/Sign Up Form
  • Custom Icons
  • Application Name
  • Co-Branded About Screen with Your Contact Information
  • GizmoDash Access for 1 Year
  • Application Hosting for 1 Year

Many applications have additional features that can be customized, it simply varies from one app to the next. If you have specific features or customizations that you would like to see added to your app, we are usually able to accomodate custom modifications. Please open a support ticket to request a quote.

Step 3: Publish Your App

Once the application branding is complete (a process that only takes a couple days, as opposed to months for an application you might have built from scratch), it needs to be published in its respective app store - Apple iTunes or Google Play. This is necessary step so that users can easily download your app to their device. GizmoPlay will sign (with the GizmoPlay developer Certificate) and publish the app on your behalf .

Usually the application will only be built for and published in one primary app store, unless you have contacted us to request that your application be mulit-platform (for both iOS and Android). Be sure to check the application description to see which platform your application supports!

Step 4: Measure The Results

Once your application is published, the GizmoPlay® dashboard tracks the application's progress so you can measure the results of your campaign. Usage statistics such as user installations, geographic demographics and subscriptions are automatically logged into your GizmoDash® account in realtime so you can check the stats and view the progress and measure the success of your application at any time.