Branded Mobile Dashboard

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  • 26 May 2012

Custom Lock Screen

Platform: Android 2.2 or newer

The branded mobile dashboard is a custom lock screen which the user sees each time they turn on the device screen from it's sleep state. The application enables the user to personalize their own phone by setting up the the custom lock screen. Options include the ability for the user to select an analog or digital clock to display, choose their own wallpaper or the custom lock screen branded wallpaper and select which application shortcuts to set as quick launch icons on the dashboard. The application itself is fully branded from the splash screen and icons to the about screen, but also perpetuates the branding by making it a constant presence on the user device -- each time they use their phone your branding is present

Application Features:

  • Branded splash screen
  • Branded 'about us' screen with contact info
  • Custom launcher icons
  • Custom application name
  • Supports Android 1.6 and above
  • Brand presence constant on phone lock screen
  • Start/Stop the custom lock screen
  • Select Digital or Analog clock
  • Choose wallpaper background
  • Application quick launch icons
  • Custom dashboard for user personalization

Product Screenshots

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