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  • 22 Jul 2011

iOS Voice Recorder

Platform: iPhone/iPad OS 5

Capture audio on device - take notes, voice messages, record lectures, sound bytes, etc. Anything you say or play in background gets recorded and stored into device library with default name.

The application is customized to your brand - give users, customers and fans a fun and easy to use utility for recording memos, notes, messages, songs, soundbytes, etc - anything that suits your campaign.

Application Features:
  • Branded splash screen
  • Branded 'about us' screen with contact info
  • Custom launcher icons
  • Custom application name
  • Support for iOS5
  • Graphic interface, optimized for iPhone and iPad with Retina support.
  • Record button starts recording.
  • Pause button to pause recording and continue
  • Peak level meter for sound quality check
  • The stop button stops the recording process and closes the file generation
  • Includes a recording archive - listen and manage recordings and edit/delete functions
  • Play button pulls the data out of Library folder and plays it on device.
  • Sync and Share recordings over iTunes
  • Download recorded files and save as archive on your computer

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