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  • 22 Jul 2011

Release a product survey, consumer study, self test, personal quiz or any other lead generating user-input application. This app is the perfect marketing vehicle for your company to engage consumers and gather important product feedback or user demographics while giving them some useful information or advise based on YOUR industry expertise.

This application can be customized to create a variety of user-input applications - anything from the fun "what type are you" quizzes (think Seventeen Magazine) to more serious medical/health risk assessments or surveys.

User your company's specific industry knowledge and expertise to offer your users some useful advice or helpful information and collect their feedback with this custom application.

In addition to the primary user input form, the application is able to give calculated responses based on input and simultaneously send that data to your company. There is also a built-in contact form that will let the user send messages to your application’s admin. You can configure the sender (the email used by your application to send messages) and the receiver (the email where you want to receive user’s messages exp:, and can capture user email addresses for future marketing (which are automatically logged in the GizmoDash system)


Application Features:

  • Branded splash screen
  • Branded 'about us' screen with contact info
  • Custom homescreen and launcher icons
  • Custom application name
  • Works with Android 2.1 or better
  • Main User Input form
  • Deliver realtime calculated responses to user input
  • Collect survey results and demographic information
  • Logs user contact information in GizmoDash
  • Form can be customized to your company needs
  • Create an informative app using YOUR expertise
  • Built-in email-based contact form
  • and so much more!

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