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  • 22 Jul 2011

The QR Code reader app gives your users/customers the ability to scan QR codes.
It comes with a full featured packed intuitive, high resolution, retina display graphics interface along with great features.

This app template can do all of the following with QR Codes:

  • Provide a simple and easy way to scan all QR Codes, even if they are upside down, sideways
  • Provide a fast scanning engine that takes fewer than a second to scan a QR Code, and provide the user with sensory feedback, like a sound played when scanned.
  • A parsing engine that will take your QR Codes content and take an appropriate action, such as opening a Email app to send an email to an email address encoded in a QR Code
  • Has a recent scans page where users can see scan history, and revisit that content.
  • Check out the screenshots to see the app in practice!

The QR Code supports the following contents with a powerful engine that reads it in almost every popular format:

  • Contact – Opens in Address Book
  • Link – Opens in Safari
  • Email – Opens in Email App
  • SMS – Opens in SMS App
  • Telephone – Opens in Phone App
  • Geographic – Opens in Maps App
  • Plain Text – Opens in a text reader

Application Features:

  • Branded splash screen
  • Branded 'about us' screen with contact info
  • Custom homescreen and launcher icons
  • Custom application name
  • Supports latest iOS Version 5.1
  • Retina Graphics
  • QR Code Reader
  • Archive of past QR codes
  • Reads most codes, regardless of size or position
  • Auto capture - no buttons to push to capture a scan

Product Screenshots

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