Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, feel free to get in touch with us. We will make a point to update this section as needed.
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What Happens After I Purchase?

Immediately after checkout your application branding will be added to the queue and you will receive a confirmation email from sales@gizmoplay.com. If you don't get it, check your SPAM folder!

The email will contain a link for you to download the GizmoPlay promotional license for your purchased application along with a branding request form so we can obtain all the branding elements for your application such as logos, icons and color preferences. We ask that you complete that form as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Once branding is complete you will get another email with the completed application and access to your GizmoDash - where you will be able to login and track your mobile application installs, usage and user subscriptions/leads.

The customization/branding process, depending on the application(s) that you selected, takes anywhere from 5-10 business days.

If you are looking to have custom modifications to the application, you will have the opportunity to engage a custom development agreement at that time.

How Do I Get My App Published in iTunes or Google Play?

Once the application branding is complete (a process that only takes a couple days, as opposed to months for an application you might have built from scratch), it needs to be published in its respective app store - Apple iTunes or Google Play. This is necessary step so that users can easily download your app to their device. GizmoPlay will sign (with the GizmoPlay developer Certificate) and publish the app on your behalf .

Usually the application will only be built for and published in one primary app store, unless you have contacted us to request that your application be mulit-platform (for both iOS and Android). Be sure to check the application description to see which platform your application supports!

How can having a mobile app improve my business' visibility online?

Small businesses spend thousands of dollars each year improving their website's SEO and buying paid search placement in Google AdSense with the hopes that it will get them to the top of Google and drive more leads to their websites.

Releasing a mobile app bypasses all that money and guesswork and shoots your business straight to the top of Google Mobile search results so your potential customers can find your business when they search from their phone.

Anytime a potential customer searches for your product or service from their mobile device, your business will appear first in the mobile search results. - We're talking about the TOP of the page 1, with a picture. This is possible because Google gives premium (non-paid, organic) placement to mobile apps that are listed in it's Google Play App Market for Android. Once you publish a promotional mobile application, branded to your business, and are listed in the Android Market, you are automatically given top-placement in the search results for the keywords you choose to use.

Try this:
Open your (android) mobile device and search for "taxi Orlando"
What do you see?

The first result on the page is not a taxi website or even a Google local business entry. No, it's a mobile app that promises to help you find a taxi.
This appears first on the page for two reasons: it's an app published in Google Play and the publisher used the keyword "taxi" in it's title, description and descriptive tags.

By carefully crafting the application name and description, we can help you to easily capture those organic search leads and have them calling your company immediately. Once the potential customer engages and actually installs your app on their mobile device, your business resides in their pocket - to be quickly and easily recalled any time in the future. By giving out a free game or fun mobile app, your company improves online visibility for mobile uses, builds a positive brand presence and customer appreciation.

What do I get when I buy a Promotional App from GizmoPlay?

You Get the Following with every purchase:
  • Branded Mobile Application of your choice
  • Lead capture system - form in the app to collect user information
  • GizmoDash Access for 1 Year - Administrator login to your GizmoDash account - no monthly fees
  • Application Hosting for 1 Year - this includes any xml, content or databases as needed by the application
  • App published in App Store - GizmoPlay will certify and sign the application and submit it to the Google Play or Apple iTunes app store
  • Support - We'll handle any Tier II support issues pertaining to the use and operation of the application, including bug fixes and updates at our own discretion for up to 1 year

If you are interested in having additional modifications done to your application, these changes will be covered by an engagement letter from GizmoPlay and will be billed hourly. Custom modifications can include cosmetic or functional changes or additions to the applications.

What Payment methods do you accept?

Payments are processed using Paypal.

If you do not have a paypal account, we can also accept payment with credit or debit card by using Paypal as a “guest”.
 In this case, you would first need to contact us for an invoice.