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Promote your business or product line with a fun and 'sticky' app that brings your brand to your customers mobile device. Promotional apps improve your search results standings, increase brand awareness and hey - people like them!

Branded Mobile Dashboard

The branded mobile dashboard gives your company premium positioning on the end user's mobile device by creating a custom branded lock-screen and dashboard for the phone. Read More

Social News Reader

Social News Reader App is a mobile application that allows you to present your news or blog feed to mobile users. It also supports social networking site feeds such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Read More

Custom Survey and Consumer Profile

Release a product survey, consumer study, self test, personal quiz or any other lead generating user-input application. This app is the perfect marketing vehicle for your company to engage consumers and gather important product feedback or user demographics while giving them some useful information or advise based on YOUR industry expertise. Read More

Auto Loan Manager

The Auto Loan Manager is an intuitive calculator application for iPhone devices. The app helps the user calculate the cost, payment schedule, interest and more for their next auto loan. It is a simple yet dynamic calculator app with graphs, charts and a handy comparison tool. The branding is clean and simple - we'll replace the app icon, logo,… Read More

QR Code Reader

The QR Code reader app gives your users/customers the ability to scan QR codes. It comes with a full featured packed intuitive, high resolution, retina display graphics interface along with great features for capturing QR Codes on any iPhone. Read More

Live Wallpaper App

Promote your business by publishing the custom wallpapers app Let your users/customers/fans set the images in their device as slideshow wallpaper. It is automatically placed in the Live wallpapers section. The application comes with a variety of settings to control the slideshow. Read More